Why so many people with a startup idea never ship

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Yes. I have a young friend who dreams of be-
coming a novelist, but he never seems to be able to com-
plete his work. According to him, his job keeps him too
busy, and he can never find enough time to write novels,
and that's why he can't complete work and enter it for
writing awards. But is that the real reason? No! It's actually
that he wants to leave the possibility of "I can do it if I try"
open, by not committing to anything. He doesn't want to
expose his work to criticism, and he certainly doesn't want
to face the reality that he might produce an inferior piece
of writing and face rejection. He wants to live inside that
realm of possibilities, where he can say that he could do it
if he only had the time, or that he could write if he just had
the proper environment, and that he really does have the
talent for it. In another five or ten years, he will probably
start using other excuses like "I'm not young anymore" or
"I've got a family to think about now. 

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